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AutoCAD Design

AutoCAD drafting has always been my passion, starting with 2-Dimensional and 3D design, isometric concepts, architectural drafting, and point-to-point electrical designs, and has strengthened my understanding of access control, and hood systems.

The word "DESIGN"


Design has no boundaries when it comes to imagination. It all starts with a single point on paper then becomes a group of lines and so on. All that effort becomes pictures, then the combination of pictures that create video. 

Video Production

Video Artistry

Video Artiststry has intrigued me since 1980, when I was gifted my first 12" Black and White television that had colors even if you do not believe it. I was able to see color in the motion, in the descriptions and in their words.


My Favorite Delight...

Remember when lines became images and how a collection of images created videos?

Welcome to my collective.

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